Friday, December 08, 2006

still underrated.

before i started this blog i made up a loose set of rules and i never wanted to post tracks from the same artist two times in a row. well, i can't help it, hystereo did another top notch remix and as i think they are still underrated for some strange reason, i want everyone to hear it. this time they turned a tribal track by celtec twinz upside down and made it a real banger. also be sure to check out their myspace for their latest studio mix.

celtec twinz - cynax (hystereo rebrand)
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chris lake and sébastien léger are two names that i am coming across like daily when i am digging for new music. after countless releases, they teamed up and this is by far the track i like the most from both these guys.

leger & lake - aqualight
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extrawelt are releasing on cocoon, and ever since i have heard the first song i am keen on tracking down all of their releases. i don't even know how to describe their sound, it is definitely techno-based and driving, but at the same time it is almost ambient and very melancholic. seems perfect for these current cold and rainy days but still very suitable for the dancefloor, so here is a remix they did for minilogue.

minilogue - the leopard (extrawelt remix)


Risky Boys said...

You have great taste, this blog is great!

discodust said...

that just made my day. same to you guys.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Risky Boys - you're taste in music is amazaing. Found this site today. Best blog site on the net for me.

- JohnB

Anonymous said...

Hysterio are on FIRE!! That Tank Girl mix they did was pretty awesome - adding to the already amazing record that it is.

That Celtec Twinz rocks! All good though.

- JohnB