Wednesday, May 09, 2007

racing hearts.

one of my all time favorite indie bands, architecture in helsinki from melbourne, australia, are about to release their new single 'heart it races'. besides the original, there are remixes from dj/rupture, yacht, pink skull and probably the most anticipated of the bunch, a remix by turntablist wunderkind a-trak. i guess there is no need for introduction, but in case you have been living under a rock, a-trak has won the itf world championships, the dmc team championships and recorded cuts for kanye west and common.

he takes all the core elements from the original track and turns it into a much more dancefloor compatible bouncing tune with hypnotic percussions, showing off his very own unique production style. watch out for the official release on june 5th on tailem bend and enjoy another first on discodust:

architecture in helsinki - heart it races (trizzy's rusty tin can mix)
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Anonymous said...

omg, not only do you share the best shit on the net, now your blog also is the freshest looking one! great re-design, long live discodust!

lyntonbb said...

Check out an interview with AIH talking about the new LP and spinning some fave tracks with Zan from Triple J.

AIH on Triple J

Thanks for the exclusive!

Anonymous said...

aww, the new design is one-of-a-kind!
love you, discodust.

discodust said...

wow, a secret admirer! a/s/l?

all props for the new design have to go to the zonders, my favorite designers out there!