Monday, September 21, 2009

midnight juggernauts.

australian stadium synth-rocker astronauts midnight juggernauts are back with 'this new technology', the very first single of their upcoming second album. while staying true to their whole filmic 'journey through time and space' trademark atmosphere, this new track seems a lot more instantly catchy and driving than the material on the first album while the vocals are darker than ever, sounding like air got abducted by aliens and possessed by the devil. whether this description makes any sense or not, this has already got me supercurious for the new full-length now!

midnight juggernauts - this new technology

'this new technology' will be out on itunes on october 9th with remixes by weird tapes, the emperor machine and nile delta. followed up by a limited edition seven-inch vinyl release on one of our favorite labels, being acephale who have previously brought us some of the best new music this year from memory tapes and salem. you can pre-order the vinyl here.



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Anonymous said...

Sorry but this is pretty average.

Albert said...

I still hold out hope that this is fake.

a-rose said...

guys you should listen it again and again, just to be sure. This song comes to be great if you care 'bout what u hear, though it's not the best of their song.