Tuesday, September 29, 2009

peppe le funk.

a technicolored skunk meets a disco trained monk, that's peppe le funk. paul nichol & ridney (pictured above) started the project around 2005, made a couple of successful tracks on limited vinyl runs, and then split into individual paths.

ridney bumped into jaymo & andy george on a recent ibiza escapade, and passed them a copy of 'floor n order'. of course you can tell where this story is going, so if you'd like to hear what the radio 1 boys had to say about the track click here.

now usually i'm not a siren-in-a-song guy but the wailing sirens in 'floor n order' remind me of daft punk's 'revolution 909' gone wild. the tune departs this hypervisual feeling of a slamming underground party, somewhere in the bowels of chicago, on a dark and foggy night, painted by the city lights bleeding through the cold air.

peppe le funk - floor n order

although peppe le funk is now defunct, you can still follow ridney on myspace and show some love.


Anonymous said...

what the FUNK?? i like!

Anonymous said...

This track is huuuuge! Thanks for the post!

REDINK said...

love the tune hate the siren

Anonymous said...

not extremely original.