Friday, May 09, 2008


the post on my favorite recent 'find' from germany, overthrill, obviously had quite some impact, as they got tons of friend requests, remix offers and a request from no love lost records to contribute a mixtape to their exclusive mixtape series. and what an outstanding tape it is, featuring 82 tracks in less than an hour. lee from nllr delivered a nice write-up again, better than i could ever write anything, so here you go:

"arriving with our fifty-first exclusive mix is overthrill from germany and they've put together an absolutely gargantuan mix for us. eighty-two tracks carefully selected from across the entire dance, pop and hip hop space-time continuum. to give you some idea of just how broad a sampling of tracks overthrill have masterfully worked into their epic set, here are just a smattering of the artists featured: bangers & cash, les rythmes digitales, dizzee rascal, queen, chemical brothers, bob sinclar, madonna, westbam, propellerheads, danger, m.i.a., timbaland, the prodigy, jackson and his computer band, lady sovereign, uffie, the avalanches, sebastien tellier, pussycat dolls, rolling stones, thomas bangalter, beastie boys and obviously many, many more. overthrill clearly love indulging their every dance floor whim and who can argue with that ethos when you can pack more than eighty tracks into an hour long mix without it sounding rough or gimmicky, quite brilliant. enjoy overthrill's maximix and share the love via their myspace page!"

i highly recommend (!!!) you to check out their mix, it is simply stunning and hands down one of the best mixes i have heard in ages:

overthrill - exclusive nllr mix (on mediafire)
overthrill - exclusive nllr mix (on megaupload)
overthrill - exclusive nllr mix (on zshare)

enjoy this masterpiece of a mix, check the comments for the tracklist and go add overthrill on myspace!


aleks said...

01 OVERTHRILL - Sounds Of Earth Mixxxtape Intro
02 Captain Future Soundtrack - Enemies Attack
03 Roxanne Shante - Live On Stage (House Mix)
04 Mr. Oizo - Patrick 122
05 Chemical Brothers - Prescription Beats
06 SebastiAn - Motor (Distort Edit)
07 Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
08 Bob Sinclar - Ich Rocke
09 SebastiAn - Dog
10 DJ Medhi - Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Edit)
11 Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
12 Ceasefire vs. Deadly Avenger - Evil Knievel
13 Blaqstarr - All The Girls Around The World (Klever So So Death Remix)
14 Blaqstarr - Blaw (Neos Let The Attack Begin Edit)
15 Sinden / Blaqstarr - Beeper (Shake It Down)
16 Count & Sinden - Beeper (A-Trak Remix)
17 Instant Wilkie - Make It Back Home (Overthrill Remix)
18 Revolte - Flash Gordon Comes Back
19 Lady Sovereign - Love Me or Hate Me (Fuck You!!!)
20 SebastiAn - Walkman (Re-Edit)
21 Dizzee Rascal - Fix Up, Look Sharp
22 Busy P - Rainbow Man
23 Missy Elliot - Pass The Dutch
24 Queen - Flash's Theme
25 Kelis - Bossy (SebastiAn Remix)
26 Rock Steady Crew - Hey You
27 Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake - 4 Minutes
28 Daft Punk - Da Funk
29 Anthony King - Lost Star
30 Pussycat Dolls feat. Snoop Dogg - Buttonz
31 SebastiAn - Untitled
32 Danger - 9H20
33 Beastie Boys - Ch-Check It Out
34 Gwen McRae - All This Love I'm Giving
35 Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
36 Outkast - Da Art Of Storytellin'
37 Public Enemy - Bring The Noise
38 Thomas Bangalter - Night Beats
39 Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
40 Bangers & Cash - Loose
41 Uptown - Dope On Plastic
42 Hifana - Power Push Breakin' (Fresh Sequence Mix)
43 Hardwire - Say It Loud
44 Modeselektor feat. Puppetmastaz - The Dark Side Of The Sun
45 J Dilla - Signs
46 Busy P - To Protect & Entertain
47 The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist
48 Prince And The New Power Generation - Gett Off
49 Ali Love - Lost in the K-Hole (SebastiAn remix)
50 The Prodigy - Poison
51 Hifana - Fresh Push Breakin' - Intro (No Sequence Fresh Push Mix)
52 Propellerheads - A Number Of Microphones
53 Missy Elliot feat. Method Man - Bring The Pain
54 Prodigy - Voodoo People (Chemical Brothers remix)
55 Tim Dog feat. KRS ONE - I Get Wrecked
56 Uffie - Pop The Glock (SebastiAn Remix)
57 London Funk Allstars - Sure Shot
58 Breakwater - Release The Beast
59 SymbolOne - Love Juice
60 Les Rythmes Digitales - Take A Little Time
61 Westbam - Alarm Clock
62 Jackson And His Computer Band - Fast Life
63 An Der Beat - Cut Killer Show
64 Sébastien Tellier - Divine (Danger Remix)
65 The Marketts - Out Of Limits
66 Nelson - I Say You Can't Stop (DatA Remix)
67 Mr. Spring - Blaxxtraxx 3 (Funky Nassau)
68 The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up
69 M.I.A. - URAQT (Luvtek Remix)
70 The 3 Amigos - Louie Louie (Wiseguys Mix)
71 Timbaland feat. Dr. Dre, Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake - Bounce
72 Fatboy Slim - Star 69
73 Indian Ropeman Do Not Deviate From Your Present Course
74 Danger - 11h30
75 Cassius - La Mouche (DJ Falcon Remix)
76 Eddie Holman - This Will Be A Night To Remember
77 M.I.A. - Bucky Done Gone
78 Noah - Would You (Overthrill Remix Part 2)
79 Raven Maize - The Real Life (Fatboy Slim Remix)
80 Theory:Kaos! - Electronic Surgery
81 Revolte - Ironical Sexism (We Are Terrorists Remix)
82 Scanty Sandwich - Because Of You

oldschoolreunion said...


thank you

dasMetzger said...

holy hell overthrill, they're missing KitChen S!NK in that mix

Anonymous said...

seems like someone has a crush sebastiAn...

Anonymous said...

anon: maybe because he is the most exciting producer in the ed banger camp these days?

Anonymous said...

i loved this breathing-cut-up-thing that used to be his signature sound but appears not to be any longer. then agian it's cool that he dares to try something completely different now, and i also dig dig that 70's car chase feeling of the new ep, so thats ok with me.

i was just trying to point out that there's a lot of material from one artist the mix, which is kind of strange, but i'm listening to it right now and it all makes sense now. i'm amazed how entertaining it is since usualling stuff this banging tends to give me headaches these days.

Anonymous said...

ok, this time with my actual account then. anonymous, again: i know what you mean about the many tracks by sebastiAn and i also hear you on the headaches.

but i am glad that you agree with me that it's a great and entertaining mix, worth hearing.

(and i've got a feeling we know each other?)

aozora said...

i wish this came with the tracks split up. but thankssssss

dasMetzger said...

@starship... that's quite a steep request, haha... what is that, 300 megs of tracks?

Anonymous said...

aleks discodust: i doubt that since i'm from hamburg, germany (the glorious place that invented sprite flavoured beer, fish on bread and digitalism) and i rarely ever have the opportunity to escape this neverland.

this is so terible off-topic so let's make this quick: where is this blog based anyways? i always wondered.

Anonymous said...

anonymous: in frankfurt :).

TZ said...

oh god! so many lovely trax. got to listen to it...

Anonymous said...

i wish they didn't ruin it with the pussycat dolls acapella and to a lesser extent that gay as madonna track 4 minutes

aleks said...

adam: so you don't like 2 tracks out of 82 and that means it is 'ruined'?

Anonymous said...

This is hands down the best mix i've ever heard. I put it on at a party before seeing dangerous dan, the mix was better than the concert! Next time I'm staying at home with Overthrill banging on the blackbox!

PS Discodust is the raddest ever. thanks mate!

Anonymous said...

i do love the rest of the mix so maybe 'ruin' was a bit harsh... but it does make me cringe every time i hear those acapellas.
Why hide the awesomeness of sebastiAn's 'untitled' under the annoying lyrics of 'buttons'? One for the girls at the party to sing along to maybe?

Anonymous said...

rolling stones/outkast mash up at 24:40 = amazing!

lsfdesign said...

dope mix! still eeeeeexcellent graph ··)

Anonymous said...

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