Friday, May 02, 2008

after midnight + the frail.

after midnight are philthy b. (former villains member) and dj farron from la. think chuck norris meets prince, as in the coolest mother-fucker meets the baddest mother-fucker. they have experience in all of la/hollywood's hottest clubs and are currently trail-blazing the rich la electro-based scene with intentions of hitting the top without ever looking back. check out their heavily banging remix of 'addiction' by the frail from sf, another premiere on discodust:

the frail - addiction (after midnight remix)

show after midnight and the frail some myspace love! (and if you've got the feeling that this entry is a bit rushed and is very similar to the official after midnight press info, you're right, but that's just because i am already late for a date and did not want to leave you hanging without this killer track! yeah, making girls mad at me 'cause i love my readers, that's me!)


Anonymous said...

why so much hype? this song is pretty boring..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - this blog is nothing but a sycophantic indie-dance hype machine. I've been reading for two weeks and I have seen nary a mention of any actual disco. Granted, I am slightly more clued in to the musical taste of coke-snorting hipsters than I was before. Analysis? It's bad.

Anonymous said...

i like this track...nice groovy bassline and catchy vocals...i'll play it out

Anonymous said...

cz?? your actually a twat man get a life.Analysis? no one gives a shit.tuns pretty goo cheers

Unknown said...

excellent. i was looking for a track that sounds like everything else ...

The Frail said...

this is fucking amazing!!!

aleks said...

anonymous: one post on my blog is now considered 'hype'? great!

and feel free to send me something you like better.

cz: shut up. you probably didn't even check out the lindstrom remix. you don't know shit about disco.

Anonymous said...

cz: Thats hilarious, but quite true.

Anonymous said...

discodust -

1) you didn't link to a lindstrom mix and there isn't one on any of the pages you did link to, many of which you panderingly double linked.
2) lindstrom isn't disco
3) no, really, it's you who don't know anything about disco, which you prove again and again every time you post. but what should i expect from somebody who names their blog after cocaine. go do another few lines.

aleks said...

1. go here.

2. people that seem to know more about music than you think different.

3. i am not even doing drugs. you talk about 'snorting' and 'lines' in every single comment. maybe you want to try and come up with something more creative. or hold, maybe you could just shut the fuck up as everyone on here is laughing about you already.

Anonymous said...

im sorry but i have to go with cz on this one aleks. you were such a nice guy when you started this blog but it has all gone to your head. reign it in because what is happening to you isn't nice.

aleks said...

anonymous, actually i haven't changed that much since i've started the blog. i am not willing to take shit from random guys and it has always been like that.

in the early days of this blog, no one bothered to leave their pointless hater-comments and i wish it would still be like that.

i wonder what you mean about 'being with cz', as almost nothing he writes makes any sense.

but if you've got the feeling that you've had an overdose on bangers/indie dance remixes, i hear you. i am looking for other stuff but i've only got a limited amount of time on my hands these days and need to keep this thing running. and the after midnight track definitely works, so it's cool to post.

besides having a day job, i spend a lot of my spare time on this blog trying to get ahold of new tracks. and then i get clueless people who obviously have no job, too much time on their hands and don't know shit about the music on here (or music at all) bitching at me and giving me random insults, yeah right. fuck them!

feel free to contact me by mail or whatever, 'anonymous' and you might notice that i am still a nice guy, if you let me.

Anonymous said...

Aleks I'm curious - what were the last three music related books that you read? You claim I know nothing about music, but what evidence do you have of that?

I'll admit, my comments haven't been positive, but I have yet to see anything on this blog that matches up with a common definition of "disco." That infuriates me because you at first blush seem to be waving a disco flag, but post almost nothing but indie dance "bangers" as you call them. I've been through your archive now, and you can't deny that's the case. Also, sure, a lot of people refer to what Lindstrom does as being in a disco vein, but anybody who knows anything about the disco era would make a clear distinction between actual disco and the neo-disco elements of contemporary electronic music. Maybe I'm being nitpicky, but it's something I strongly believe in.

As to my repeated comments with regard to cocaine, they are merely a reflection of what I see as a pathetic hedonistic element of today's party scene as represented on this blog by, again, the title, and the fashion and style of the hipster producers. If you're going to call your blog "discodust", you better be ready to own up to the fact that you're celebrating drug use. That's pretty simple math.

aleks said...

i am not a fan of books. especially not when it comes to music. i read a lot of music-related mags every month but i usually just quickly scan through them to check if there are any names mentioned that i've missed out on. reading without hearing is quite pointless most of the time.

and fine, maybe you know a lot about music. and of course lindstrom is different to cerrone and sylvia love. but you won't see any of those on here as i am not into posting 'old' music and there are much better blogs and people with stunning record collections who can do that much better than i ever could.

and if the only thing you found on here were 'bangers', you must have done something wrong. besides the harder hitting tracks, there are tons of great 80s/vintage disco/electro inspired tunes on here as well.

and yeah, the name is drug-related. doesn't change a bit though, it is still damn annoying to see you write about 'cocaine' and 'snorting' all the time. and the funniest bit was that for a start you didn't even know what 'discodust' means. and so what are you looking for now, hipsters on drugs or disco? you seem confused.

and seriously now, man. go get a life and leave us alone. i've got better things to do than setting you straight all the time.

Anonymous said...

discodust said: "i am not a fan of books."

Ah, I see, you don't just play the role of idiot on the internet, you really ARE one.

I assure you that I am not confused. I continue to read your blog not for hipsters on drugs, but for laughs and to keep an ear to the ground on what's going on in the pop/indie dance scene. Know your enemy, as they say.

Michael said...

nice post discodust.

... not really sure what to say to cz. lol @ internet bashing

aleks said...

cz: yeah right. people who don't like books are idiots.

and as long as you're only reading, we'll get along!

Anonymous said...

wow shit got crazy with the sure after midnight didn't mean to cause such commotion... i know we didn't...but as the vocalist on this song..if you don't like the song you don't have to listen to it :)