Wednesday, April 30, 2008

designer drugs.

time for another discodust premiere: designer drugs deliver another top-notch remix, this time for fake shark real zombie! and what a coincidence, the track name is 'designer drugs' too. get this non-stop bouncing track that will work perfectly on the floor right here:

fake shark real zombie! - designer drugs (designer drugs remix)

show designer drugs some myspace love as it is really time for them to get up to the highest ranks now - labels feel free to contact them for well-paid remix offers!


derek said...

not a bad mix but in my opinion not as good as the ones previously posted on here :( still great work designer drugs =]

Croc-Blanc said...

the same as Derek

But I still love D.D.



Anonymous said...

i 've never been a fan of D.D but its a good mix....

Anonymous said...

Haha, I love the name Fake Shark Real Zombie. Probably comes from the old zombie movie "zombi" or "zombi2", can't remember, with an infamous shark/zombie scene :)

Anonymous said...

"labels feel free to contact them for well-paid remix offers!"

haha, just a funny quote.

Kamiloverz said...

next good song :D
cheers !

Anonymous said...

When will people stop biting The Black Ghosts and Fake Blood with the drippy horror lettering?

Anonymous said...

the one on the topright looks like cory duffel!

Anonymous said...

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