Monday, May 12, 2008

tronik youth + grum.

[artwork by the zonders] after the smash hit first single 'we are', tronik youth is back with a new track: 'laugh, cry, live, die'. the single is coming up on back yard on june 2nd and will feature remixes by headman, acid jacks, young lovers and discodust favorite grum.

check out the original and the hard hitting grum remix out right here at 192 kbps:

tronik youth - laugh cry live die
tronik youth - laugh cry live die (grum remix)

watch out for the release coming up on back yard and show tronik youth some myspace love!


Anonymous said...

Im the critical anonymous. and i like grum. cheers

Unknown said...

Grum did it again!
He's fuckin awesome.

Tom Oke said...

I listened to the Grum one first..then the original....whcih in comparison sounds like a horrible watered-down version!!! Sorry Tronik Youth - you've been outmixed!!

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)