Tuesday, May 27, 2008


the next big thing from australia, catchy fun pop song factory bmx who have previously received lots of blog love from our friends at palms out sounds and bigstereo, are back with a new track named 'refero beach' and as i have been so slow and lazy recently, this is a good opportunity to get you totally hooked on bmx and introduce you to their full discography!

so here we go with three tracks from bmx - combined they result in a perfect summer soundtrack and played in the correct order there is a story, at least travis from bigstereo pretends that and you know he is usually right. enjoy!

bmx - theme to bmx
bmx - war
bmx - refero beach

now be quick and rush over to the bmx myspace in order to become their friend before everyone else does!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

was it you who made the cover for Russ Chime's afterburner? Oh, I'm sorry.. I'll have to mention it then, it's great.

Anonymous said...

forget I said anything..

Rronan said...

I like.
But 320 files sound like myspace rip.

aleks said...

ronan: they are straight from the band.

Anonymous said...

Very nice and fresh :)