Wednesday, May 28, 2008

la mode + kill the noise.

la mode versus diddy.

kill the noise versus estelle and kanye west.
(and note that this version of the mp3 does not suddenly end after 6:32.)

p. diddy - bad boy for life (la mode fuckup) on mediafire
estelle & kanye - american boy (kill the noise remix) on mediafire


Anonymous said...

am i the only one downloading these as unrecognizable files?

Sir Huzzah said...

Cheers Discodust, been looking for a link for the KTN remix!

AntunEz' said...

Well, that version of Kill The Noise Remix for "American Boy" does not suddenly end at 6:32 indeed, but it does suddenly ends 4 seconds later. lol :|

aleks said...

antunnez: i don't get why you have to 'lol' about that.

if you like your songs cut off at the end, feel free to serve yourself on another blog. comes in very handy for mixing. not.

i bet you'd be the first one running back to the store crying if you bought a broken cd or vinyl. but yeah right, if it's happening on the blogs, it's all 'lol'.


Anonymous said...

Hey Discodust :)
Note that Danger, the french producer made a headbanging remix of American Boy :)
Enjoy ;)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh finally! I've been looking all around to get the Kill the Noise remix!! thx a lot

Anonymous said...

How do I listen to the Estelle RMX? Doesnt work with Winamp?