Thursday, April 23, 2009

grum + friendly fires.

remember when we first introduced you to a young producer from leeds named grum over a year ago? well, things have been working out great for him, his first single 'runaway' is out on all new label heartbeats, getting heavy support from all the radio key players from annie mac to jaymo & andy george. if you haven't heard 'runaway' yet, head over to beatport.

today we've got an all new grum remix for 'skeleton boy' by friendly fires for you which did not make the deadline for the actual release but is just so damn good that you'll have to hear it - to me it seems like every new grum track is more catchy, more driving, more crossover, yet more awesome than the one before, he just keeps getting better! fans of the remix include the likes of alan braxe, filthy dukes and alex metric.

friendly fires - skeleton boy (grum remix)

show grum some myspace love and once again, you must check out 'runaway' on beatport.


Bradley D! (Flashmen) said...

Grum is REAALLY lighting it up lately. His original 'Runaway' is on every set I play nowadays and it looks like this track will be too.

Jack Cullen said...

What a nice tune! Almost too much some might say.

I love Discodust so much, even though it does disrupt my dissertation progress drastically!


Harrison said...

dude grum is solid, stoked to hear this track. has he dropped anything more than singles on beatport yet? we need an lp grum!

Kalen said...

Finally!!! Ive only had set rips up till now. This is a dancefloor DESTROYER, wow.

Log said...

Full of win. Love it, will be in next set for sure!

Chuck said...

Big fan of the Calling In Sick Remix, which i'm guessing you have!

Anonymous said...


Warp files now posted for this track.