Thursday, April 23, 2009

shake aletti + toddla t.

does the united kingdom ever run out of amazing new artists? guess not, as another big track is coming your way out of nowhere. sheffield-based 'popfunk' duo shake aletti are blending the catchy pop of hot chip with the p-funk you kids probably only know from chromeo, ending up with what should be a number one song on the charts in a better world. in discodust world, they are right on top for tonight.

the lyrics alone - "that's just the way that he does it, girl. you're gonna have to get used to that" should have the 'big things ahead' alarm bells ringing when 'the way he does' kicks off and the same obviously happened to toddla t as he provided a hard hitting remix with his signature driving percussions and distorted deep frequencies for those who always need some more bass, assuring that no upcoming summer season party will be safe from this tune! choose your flavour, shake aletti are giving both tracks away (in 320 kbps) for our enjoyment, so get them already!

shake aletti - the way he does
shake aletti - the way he does (toddla t remix)

if these guys don't end up with a deal soon, i will stop drinking. forever. and you know what that means! so head over to the shake aletti myspace and show them love! (and besides that, everyone keeps talking about how awesome the upcoming toddla t album is, so don't miss that either!)


Tobias Dödselectro said...

Hahaha, - what do you think I aam? Some kinda open book! I find this hilarious and uplifting man, love this beat going on. Brilliant.

Robo said...

Oh so catchy and so good. Really like Toddla T, waiting for his album :)

Anonymous said...

sorry the Toddla T does no justice to the original...Original version better of the two:)