Wednesday, April 08, 2009

arveene & misk.

obedient ed banger records fanboys should already know the irish producer-duo arveene & misk from their recently released remix for 'erreur jean' by mr. oizo. the good kids over at funkism unearthed their original track 'hells bells' which is a straight-forward club banger with pitch bent arpeggiated leads, deep bass and the occassional old school piano stab. sounds like a winner? fuck yes!

arveen & misk - hells bells

i am sure arveene & misk have more big things coming up, stay tuned!

update: turns out there was never any permission to post this, so the track is removed. stay tuned until monday, there'll be some worthy replacements straight from arveene & misk.


Anonymous said...


Whitehouse said...

Nice to see some green in here.

Anonymous said...

bit lame of them to make you guys take it down, you'd think they'd want all the publicity they can get seeing as they're only starting out!!!

Too Many Sebastians said...

Arveene & Misk are really great. I only to discovered them a few months ago. But @ 2nd anon, I believe they've been around now for a bit & they have a few freebies on their myspace.

Rave Against The Arveene!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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