Friday, April 03, 2009

the chain + delphic.

i have recently noticed a really frightening tendency in my music listening habits. while i have still got love for everything disco- and retro-related, electro and everything that has got heavy bass, i find myself listening to more indie, rap and (now comes the scary part) techno lately. mainly out of love for tracks from people like style of eye, popof and joe and will ask?, i am feeling more and more tunes lately because techno as a whole seems to be moving away from minimal tracks that just put me to sleep to more thrilling tunes with actual peaks, catchy melodies and complex percussion patterns.

so i was excited to have this remix for delphic's 'counterpoint' in the mail, done by the chain who are the latest signing on the recently reborn legendary techno label r&s records (who are the home of delphic as well).

the chain's first release featuring the tracks 'letting go' and 'geo' just dropped on beatport, being 'a big nod towards the early nineties but balanced with large doses of contemporary production to keep them moving in the right direction', so the one-sheet says and that's perfectly right. so get in the mood with their 'counterpoint' remix and check their actual release right afterwards!

delphic - counterpoint (the chain remix)

and while we're on it, you should definitely hear the original track by delphic as well which is a great piece of synth-laden indie rock. or maybe dreamy rocking indie pop. whatever, it's awesome and girls love it!

delphic - counterpoint

keep an eye on the chain, delphic and everything that r&s records puts out! and for some more tracks, head over to the r&s records free downloads page.


CouchFire said...

Quality as always. Good for you for broadening your/our musical horizons.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you here. it is nice to hear the sensibility of newer techno producers against the monotony of bad electro out there.

aleks said...

anonymous: glad you agree. although i think 'bad techno' is just as bad as 'bad electro'. but yeah, i'll keep try and get some more good tunes like this for the blog!

Yuriko Godo (*pseudonym*) said...

delphic rocks! yayayay thank youu! (

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you aleks. bad is bad in both cases.

Kiyoshi said...

The original is great.
The remix isn't very good.
The vocals make this song work...

I love music that sounds like it's an electronica remix of a pop rock song, but it isn't!

Chris said...

The original is such a great track that I was a bit skeptical about anyone giving it the remix-action, but the Chain did a good job of it. Gotta stick with Delphic's original though

Anonymous said...

The original track's arpeggiated sequence and pads sound VERY similar to 90s dance/trance track Everytime (Red Jerry Mix) by Lustral!

Anonymous said...

Lustral - Everytime (Red Jerry Mix)

Listen for the arpeggiated riff chord change 1.30.

Eddie said...

God bless Underworld :)

Mr. Artist said...

Meh, I hear you on the "boring Techno" comment. Hate it when the evening turns into this looping soundtrack.

Nice post, thanks:)

Michael said...

I prefer the Chain remix actually... has a nice Progressive feel. Always glad to have subscribed to this blog's RSS feed!

Jack O'Sullivan said...

Right on man, I am onboard with everything you said!!!!

Jack O'Sullivan
Bedroom Sets

Anonymous said...

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FUDGE said...

Style of Eye & Popof, definitely good calls.

Anonymous said...

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