Friday, August 14, 2009

the young punx + shinichi osawa.

the young punx come back at us with full force with a very special bundle of tracks fueled by their huge success in japan. 'rock star (understand)' is a cover of a song called 'understand' by the yokohama based band asian kung-fu generation who recently shared a stage with the young punx in yokohama, playing to over twenty-five-thousand fans.

'rock star' is the first track to 'leak' from the upcoming new album by the young punx called 'mashpop & punkstep' and combines their signature electro sound with the best in japanese pop music. and in case you like it a bit harder, there's a remix by no one else than shinichi osawa that made it straight to the pole position of the japanese itunes electronic charts. get your guitars out, rock stars!

the young punx - rock star
the young punx - rock star (shinichi osawa remix)

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