Friday, August 21, 2009

super mal.

(note from aleks: welcome aboard our new writer leon, also known as fakebeat, who is easily the most enthusiastic french house connaisseur i have ever come across and a great addition to our ranks!)

i don't think super mal needs much introduction here, but just to refresh your memory, this british duo has worked back and forth with the now erupting phonat on various releases in the past. from the folks who brought you 'bigger than big' and 'pixelated' comes a brand spankin' new single called 'blood & sun', out now on their very own bandito records.

'blood & sun' is the perfect end-of-the-summer remedy. the moment you get locked into the hypnotic bass and bright pads you might start to see your two feet planted next to coronas sunken in the sand. sure that sounds great and sunny, but where exactly does the 'blood' part come into picture? funnily enough, that little dreamy vision i painted has got nothing to do with the track name.

i got the chance to ask lyndon from super mal where the track name came from. lyndon and james actually left the track unnamed for a while, until they found themselves in a local convenient store on the adventurous streets of london, (important part) a bit baked. waiting in line, they noticed an elegantly dressed old man. the fellow demanded something the store owner did not have, and to everyone's surprise was so upset that he pompously slammed his fist on the counter in fury and shouted 'blood and sun!!!'. anyway, old man or not, it won't be hard to find yourself humming to the catchy tune of super mal's latest.

super mal - blood & sun

and as a bonus, super mal have done a re-edit of their track 'pixelated' which was done in collaboration with phonat last year.

super mal & phonat - pixelated (super mal vocal re-edit)

make sure to support this re-emerging act and buy the tune on beatport to hear it in its full 320 kbps glory. make sure to say thanks on their myspace.


Anonymous said...

dang.. i came a little

Mr. Artist said...

can somebody really do that?

Ubbs said...

great lick

bearbaby said...

leon congrats! you have great taste i can't wait to hear your picks.

this one is majorly excellent, btw!

Anonymous said...

LEON! Good seeing you here bro ;)

Good choons!

- Shawn Mac