Thursday, August 20, 2009

greenmoney + kid sister + sibley.

like we told you about a week ago, there's just nothing stopping greenmoney right now. they're playing fabric this friday, killing it in room 3 alongside uk key players such as mj cole, zed bias and seiji while skream, caspa and benga got room 1 locked down. check the full line-up over at the fabric homepage.

in order to celebrate this, our friends at greenmoney and fabric hooked us up with two really special treats. first up is the remix for kid sister's new single 'rhh' coming up soon on fool's gold, originally produced by the swedish house mafia but i suppose you already know who made our favorite remix on this release. as a world premiere, stream the track right here on discodust.

kid sister - rhh (greenmoney remix) on soundcloud

and as you know how we roll, just a stream won't really cut it, so we have also got greenmoney's remix for los angeles' hottest new female rapper sibley (pictured above) up for you. coming from a modeling and acting background, she has been recording tracks since 2005, was recruited for ne-yo's girl group project "l'creme" but dropped out in favour of a solo career. she's currently working with producers and songwriters previously leading the likes of rihanna, m.i.a, chris brown and ne-yo to the top of the charts. make sure to check out the blazing hot video to 'tie me down' as well.

sibley - tie me down (greenmoney full vocal)
sibley - tie me down (greenmoney dub)
sibley - tie me down (video on youtube)

if you still want more from greenmoney, our friends from discobelle are hosting their trevor loveys remix and the greenmoney radio show is still going strong as well. and if you're in london this weekend, go see them live at fabric.

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Pulp Disco said...

I love Kid Sister, she has some really funky vocals. I didn't like 'Beeper' but this might be the lift she needs! Thanks for pointing this out :)