Thursday, April 17, 2008

loose shus.

loose shus has been making music for about 7 years. as so often on discodust recently, his music is very eighties-flavoured but loose shus does this in his very own way, going a lot further down the road while others are only scratching the surface. he draws a lot of inspiration from old vhs tapes, finds the weirdest samples and experiments with various recording techniques, as you can read in this interview on ohh! crapp.

whatever loose shus does though, he ends up with tracks that work perfectly on nowadays parties and sound so fresh as if he just brought them back with him from the future, yet his songs contain vintage elements that everyone else has long forgotten. i was lucky enough to get ahold two of his latest works, namely 'total fox' and 'threesome' and both of them are as good as their titles suggest, so get to know loose shus right now and enjoy another discodust exclusive first:

loose shus - total fox
loose shus - threesome

make sure to add loose shus on myspace and have a close look at his page, as it is pure eye candy! i seriously hope we will hear more from him soon. (oh, i think i am in love!)