Thursday, April 10, 2008


i have tons of tracks to post tonight and i'll start it off with the most perfect pop song i have heard in a while. according to some of you this probably won't fit in on discodust but as i like it a lot, it does. got it?

just like the prodigy, squarepusher and blur, essex is the hometown of esser, the band surrounding ben esser. 'i love you' is a real indie pop gem with witty lyrics driven by fuzzed-up bass. the nme calls it 'playschool pirate pop' and that really suits it well. so let's see if you are too mature to love it too:

esser - i love you

esser - i love you video on youtube

show esser some myspace love and keep an eye out for 'i love you' dropping as a limited seven-inch release with 'long arms' on the flipside on merok, the label that brought us klaxons, crystal castles and the teenagers.

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