Thursday, April 10, 2008

altair nouveau.

brandon mitchell is altair nouveau. one might want to know what an altair is, either it's a bright star or one of the first personal computers. altair nouveau has got something of both, and something new as the name indicates (it's french, yeah?). anyhow, his sound is somewhere in between late 70s neurotic pop, ny disco of all decades and reminds me of stuff valerie dropped lately.

altair nouveau - space fortress
altair nouveau - cosmos

brandon works in a seattle record-shop where he's collecting all those little gems that influence his music: from moroder, goblin, vangelis and carpenter to in flagranti, dfa, prins thomas and lindstrom plus some rare obscurities. all that is processed in his classic home studio creating a sound perfectly fitted for mirrorballs and laserlights. big time for pigtailed girls and goofy-dressed guys. mark my words.

altair nouveau - sorcerer

so if you're into brown sweaters, erlend oyesque styles and nervous disco tunes you'll probably love altair nouveau. check his homepage for further tracks and don't forget to show him some love at his myspace.


Anonymous said...

mmmm nervous synth disco....
good stuff. You should try to get a hold of some Stephen Falken. Great stuff.

johnee said...

cosmos has taken me off my feet and into the great abyss of space. excellent.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Wow Sorceror is HOTTTTT. I'm saving this for my next gig.

Anonymous said...

I like Sorcerer the most, great track!