Wednesday, April 16, 2008

greg punkov.

now here comes some serious disco shit from sarajevo. the song is 'tzaka-tzaka celophane', the name is greg punkov. he's been talked about on cbs lately and when you're brave enough to put on your headphones for 8 minutes of string inferno you'll know why. as for greg punkov himself he works as a radio dj, producer and runs his own netlabel called oscilator.

other than that he organizes parties and festivals all around the balkans. the fact that he's not signed yet or noticed all around the globe just because he is not located in one of the hot spots where oh so hip italo disco is happening right now is a shame. like in "it's a shame i didn't get this girl's number the other night".

greg punkov - tzaka-tzaka celophane

make sure to give this guy a shot, check out his other tunes on oscilator, show him some passionate myspace love and don't forget where the sun's rising.


Anonymous said...

hell yeah, space space space!

Anonymous said...

in oscilator we trust!!!