Saturday, March 03, 2007

night crusader.

knightlife comes from melbourne, australia. he just finished film school and i can hardly believe that he has only been making music for just under a year now. only very few people manage to get everything right after such a short time and the majority of producers out there will probably never be as much on point as him. he arranges kicking drums and rapturous synths and aims straight for the dancefloor. influences on his music range from crydamoure and ed banger records to giorgio moroder and elo.

his intention is to make tracks that get people moving. i think 'ambobop' makes people want to party so hard that they will go home in an ambulance. i've had the track playing on repeat everywhere i go for a few weeks now and i still can not get enough of it. seriously, i have not been this excited about any energetic tracks ever since i have first heard justice or mstrkrft like over a year ago. this will definitely fit well in your set right after vanshe tech or riot in belgium. i can't wait to hear it played out loud in the clubs and am considering to refuse going out until everyone has caught up on this:

knightlife - ambobop

'all systems' is an uplifting melodic club track sounding like mylo or linus loves are getting some help on the chords from thomas bangalter and proves that distortion is by far not the only trick knightlife has up his sleeve. he finished it up in amazingly short time as an exclusive track for discodust:

knightlife - all systems (EXCLUSIVE)

and one more thing that could probably end up meaning a lot of work for me: if knightlife does not get signed soon, i promise i will start my own label.

watch out for a twelve-inch release on a well-known label soon.

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His Whoreness said...

love your blog
love your taste in music
let's do lunch sometime

stark said...

ahh yet another reason to want to go to australia! i keep finding more and more...

seandonson said...

Another sweet exclusive! Thanks for the hot shit.

Nasty N8 said...

Can i subscribe to an RSS feed somewhere?

Nasty N8 said...

Imba songs btw!

Tim Terpstra said...

@ Natan: