Friday, March 09, 2007

sega rockstars.

killdahype are from paris, france and combine funked up disco, sega rock and brute force to create their very own definition of new french touch. david et nicolas have started their project only seven months ago and already have about ten tracks ready, fixed countless gigs and will drop an ep on a german underground label before the summer.

while 'g-boys' starts out with blazing vintage synths that remind me of kavinsky, then adds a flangered guitar riff and ends up in a disco funk jam session, 'révolution' is a straight forward banger that could be the climax of a boys noize dj set, guaranteed to make the crowd freak out and turn the whole place upside down:

killdahype - g-boys
killdahype - révolution (EXCLUSIVE)

as a bonus, here is a killdahype rework of 'around the world' by daft punk which adds a lot more drive and yet still manages to maintain the sweetness of the original:

daft punk - around the world (killdahype remix)

and if you have got the feeling that you have heard any of those tracks elsewhere, you might be right but discodust is the first to post all of them in actual high quality. i have to get back to felix cartal and his german homework now, but stay tuned for more very soon and don't hesitate to send us your music!

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xx said...

got an extra controller? 2playamodebitchez

Dan Solberg said...

you guys are on a roll, last 4 posts have been absolute killer!

ck said...

Anybody else having a problem with the second killdahype link.

it downloads 7.8ish megs and then plays for about 4 seconds

ck said...

I can stream it, but it doesn't want to be downloaded, its a kickass track

discodust said...

works fine for me and i have re-downloaded the tracks from different computers and browsers already, but here is a zshare version just for you:

killdahype - révolution

His Whoreness said...

cheers for the new tunes dd

a friend and i saw sebastian and kavinsky a couple nights back and my ears are still ringing, their sets are still running through my head and i'm left with the dumbest grin on my face - so gooooooood

Anonymous said...

Heavy ish! All good..!

- JohnB

Anonymous said...

Yeah, good blog boyz!
here's is a clash between 2remixs of daft punk, one from those Killdahype, yhe another by Casino Inc., for the 'Da funk' remix, check it on!!! keep your blog on!