Saturday, August 16, 2008

treasure fingers remixed.

so i've been in contact with treasure fingers since before he popped on any blog radar. my first post about him was actually the same track, 'cross the dancefloor.' well, a year and a half later, we find treasure fingers signed to fool's gold, touring all over god's green earth, and having his humble little disco dance tune being remixed by the likes of techno giant laidback luke and heavy bass hero curses!. we're lucky enough to be able to post the other half of remixes for 'cross the dancefloor.' lifelike threw some golden polish on the track and alex metric digitized up the vocals and threw them over some funky basslines.

treasure fingers - cross the dancefloor (alex metric remix)
treasure fingers - cross the dancefloor (lifelike remix)

you can pick up the other remixes on beatport and
turntable lab

and we have also got a bonus remix treasure fingers did for romanthony. he took the vocals and gave them the 't-pain' treatment with those signature synths.

romanthony - curious (treasure fingers remix)

if you like it or want to hear the other mixes, check out the romanthony release on beatport.


Anonymous said...

Ich hoffe Curious kommt noch als Platte raus. Geiles Teil!

Anonymous said...

so f'ing sick of cross the dancefloor.