Saturday, August 30, 2008

weird tapes.

i am not quite sure who weird tapes are - they obviously have something to do with hail social - but they definitely got me all excited when i first heard their 'get religion' ep. all their tunes are very playful, have tons of both familiar and obscure samples and always come with a disco vibe. not as in vintage disco, not as in valerie and not as in lindstrom. just as in weird tapes. and i just love what they do. here are two tracks from the ep:

weird tapes - the heavens
weird tapes - party trash

you can get the complete ep over at the weird social blog, where i also picked up 'blue skies captain', a rather eclectic mix/compilation by weird tapes, packed with wonderful music that i've never heard before. a great chance (for the open-minded among you) to get educated. no tracklist for now, i am afraid.

weird tapes - blue skies captain

now go add weird tapes on myspace as i am sure we'll all be in for some more surprises from them. i can't wait. and like so many other good tracks, i've found this on 20jazzfunkgreats - merci.


dj spirit fingaz said...

nice use of the Boards of Canada sample in "The Heavens"! this is good stuff...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for broadening my horizon a little more. The vibes of these tracks are truly unique and pleasant

Anonymous said...

michael mcdonald chop of i keep forgetting is on the 1st jam...

"blue skies captain" is nothing but DONALD BYRD/ LOVE HAS COME AROUND. why cant people just call it what it is ?

Weird Tapes said...

Not sure what anonymous is talking about, maybe he stopped listening before realizing "blue skies captain" was a mixtape and not a track. It was for a friend's roadtrip; suprised to see it here!
anyway, here's the tracklist:

"Love Has Come Around" -Donald Byrd
"Optimistic" -Sounds Of Blackness
"Love Love Love (Aeroplane Mix)" -Low Motion Disco
"Highwayman" -The Highwaymen
"Shakedown Street" -Grateful Dead
"Bad Weather" -Supremes
"Suspicious Minds" -Elvis
"Seven Year Ache" -Rosanne Cash
"Little Girl In Bloom" -Thin Lizzy
"Rainy Night In Soho" -The Pogues

Anonymous said...

isn't weird tapes the one of the guys from hail social?

aleks said...

weird tapes: it was too good not to post it. seems like a rather personal, open minded mixtape. loving that.

Herr Schmitz said...

love the guy!

Anonymous said...

yes, i thought it was only donald byrd, only to then realize it was a mix tape. sorry!