Tuesday, October 16, 2007


futurecop! was found by manzur iqbal from manchester about one year ago, when he started with absolutely no knowledge about music production and wanted to create a sound inspired by 80s teen flicks, especially the movies of john hughes and sci-fi cartoons like transformers or thundercats, not caring about being different or trying to be commercial, even though his music might as well be called pop music.

later on peter carrol from london teamed up with him and together they are now recreating the atmosphere and vibe of the soundtracks to the best 80s movies that never existed. crystal castles and van she tech have already shown futurecop! some love and we'll show you why. first up are two originals and while i am totally in love with 'transformers' which sounds like a track that work it baby or vulture music would release, make sure to check out 'as seen on tv' as well.

futurecop! - transformers
futurecop! - as seen on tv

futurecop! can play rough and create actual bangers as well though, proof is their remix of 'alice practice' by crystal castles which you can get right here:

crystal castles - alice practice (futurecop! remix)

now go add futurecop! on myspace and if you still can't get enough, don't hesitate to head over to fluokids where hianta posted their track 'class of 1984'.


Carles said...

Yo these Future Cop Tracks are so hot!
Thanks for the tip.

Your #1 subscriber.
Carles from
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Arthur said...


Stuart said...

I'm addicted to Futurecop!

Anonymous said...

that Transformers shit is gonna kill the dancefloor

thanks Discodust

Anonymous said...

Is that the powergloves to the NES thats on the image?!

Anonymous said...

theres stuffs really great ... except that crystal castle remix... thats complete shite.. not a banger disco dust..

Anonymous said...

this duo is amazing!! really love their stuff! they'll go farrrr


billy white said...

i too, am addicted to futurecop, thanks!

zntn said...

oh shit... so good.

Luis said...