Wednesday, December 23, 2009


ever since they unleashed the demo version of 'gold in the fire', monarchy have been all over the blogs as well as countless online magazines and secured a twelve-inch release on neon gold records.

obviously the only blog who has not blogged about them since their first appearance is ours, so we're making up for this now by giving your their latest track called 'the phoenix alive', which equally reminds me of "can't get you out of my head" and 'here comes the rain again', meaning it's pretty close to perfection!

monarchy - the phoenix alive (demo)

and while i was hiding under the sheets, i missed out on posting a beautiful remix by diamond cut and another remix monarchy made for their new label mate penguin prison. if you haven't got them yet, pick these up as well!

monarchy - gold in the fire (diamond cut remix)
penguin prison - a funny thing (monarchy remix)

monarchy announced their first gig for january 20th in london, so if you're there around that time: go and see them!


Sam said...

I swear I've heard that Penguin Prison tune somewhere before, but I can't place it. Good stuff!

vachmann said...

the phoenix alive is awesome!
nice band, have to check them out

Anonymous said...

just hit up their myspace....
great sound.
disco'y but still very chilled