Friday, December 25, 2009


i don't know what your favorite shows have been this year. if you didn't figure it out by now, i am not much of an outgoing person and the shows going on around here where i live are quite a bore these days. (resolutions for next year: get more involved with bookings and start an own club are noted, yeah.) but one of the absolute highlights this year was the live performance by desire and glass candy in frankfurt. accompanied by some of my most committed moments as a fanboy, talking to johnny jewel and (super-wonderful-beautiful) megan from desire simply felt out of this world as i appreciate their music so much (but unfortunately i was way too drunk to get into a serious conversation).

anyway, i feel like a fucking loner weirdo this christmas eve and just noticed that italians do it better put out an all new nine minutes long version by "if i can't hold you" by desire as a single, with instrumental and acapella, noticed no one else blogged it and thought it's about time to hook you up with this greatness. download the track, buy the vinyl, go and see desire live. if you're like me, they will break your heart, in the best way possible.

desire - if i can't hold you

show desire all your love and spend your christmas cash at the italians do it better store!


Anonymous said...

Nice one, weirdo ;)

Madeline said...

i fell in love with Desire like 3 days ago. bravo!

Anonymous said...

they played in athens greece 2 months ago, they are heavenly, words can't describe it and you're not a weirdo man
happy holidays
i just got the 12", the new mix is absolute greatness
got her to sign my cd and also spoke to her on the phone, she said i was her very first autograph (this was back when they did their first live show in london)
happy new year

COULSON said...

it's quite pleasant
but i know something that's better

leon said...

<3 aleks

Anonymous said...

both bands will perform in wuerzburg on the 3rd of february 2010.