Thursday, January 14, 2010

mvsevm + dada life.

we are glad to announce that our friends over at discobelle are firing up their own label discobelle records! and they are proud to present you their first ever release dropping this friday.

'to do this with style', they say, they 'went to finland to find a trio that we knew would give us the sound of the new decade'. and they were successful by finding techno retirees mvsevm striking back with a dose of cheesy keys & firm beats to make everything fresh again. the remix line-up is coming across like a who is who of contemporary hype including style of eye and edu k. the gem we have for you is pure fun stuffed into a track by electro house veterans dada life.

mvsevm - french jeans (dada life remix)

grab the full package over at beatport and show some love to our and your friends discobelle! we wish them lots of fun and success with the label!