Friday, January 08, 2010

the dark esquire.

one of my favorite labels, thisisnotanexit - home of parallels - is about to release another slice of new romantic flavoured disco noir, courtesy of the dark esquire. the full 'situation' single comes with an extended twelve inch-version, remixes by discodust favorite cfcf and italian stallions crimea x (featuring members of ajello and giardini di mirò. enjoy the seven-inch version here today and watch the eerie video!

the dark esquire - situation (7" version)
the dark esquire - situation (video on youtube)

the release is due on january 25th. watch out for more good releases on thisisnotanexit coming real soon!


Thomas said...

Take me to the 80ies disco baby... no, it's indeed great.

Anonymous said...

The Dark Esquire is fantastic! Please post more of this kind of music, I think we all love it :)

shamangran said...

Agree on the 80s disco quote. But don't stop posting the stuff

archaea said...

His Crimea X remix is also killer.

BCR said...

thanx for the lovely write-up aleks!
there will be an alternate version of the "situation" video out and about fairly soon as well. eyes only.