Wednesday, January 13, 2010

sharooz + sonicc.

london-based producer and dj sharooz (pictured above) has set his focus on his new label la bombe records which will from now on be the new home for all his originals as well as material from rising young blood and well-established producers.

the first release is coming from the man himself, goes by the name of 'saccharin' and includes a remix by miami wunderkind sonicc who once gain proves that he is definitely one of the leaders of the new (post) banger school! get a taste right here, another premiere on discodust!

sharooz - saccharin (sonicc remix)

the full high-quality release will be available on your favorite digital download store in mid-february. show la bombe records, sharooz and sonicc some love on myspace!

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