Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ali love + mighty mouse.

following up on his track 'diminishing returns', ali love (pictured above) keeps on going strong, coming back at us with his new single 'love harder'. remixes are coming from prins thomas, our friends jaymo & andy george and uprising disco producers mighty mouse who are recently getting lots of love on the blogs. hear their beautiful laidback and very melodic remix of 'love harder' first on discodust, in full quality!

ali love - love harder (mighty mouse remix)
ali love - love harder (jaymo & andy george's moda mix)

watch out for the single release and head over to our friends from bigstereo to hear the extended version and the tronik youth remix.


Czuczu said...

it's awesome. love at first tune.

Unknown said...

Love Harder is a groovy motherfucker.

Nicole said...

'all i wanna do is take u by the hand.... lead u down to the promise land...' hehe love it :) great tune.