Wednesday, July 04, 2007

bloody beetroots remixes.

discodust favorites the bloody beetroots are back with two brandnew remixes for captain phoenix and the toxic avenger. following their proven formula, they deconstruct the original songs with zero tolerance and turn them into violent uptempo killertracks that destroy everything that moves. as both bob and tea seem to be nothing but busy recently, there should be a lot more coming up soon. especially the 'pistols & hearts' remix has been on heavy rotation lately in the discodust headquarters.

captain phoenix - pistols & hearts (bloody beetroots remix, removed)
zshare backup link (removed)

the 'escape' remix will be on the toxic avenger twelve-inch released on iheartcomix in late august. watch out and get yourself a copy!

the toxic avenger - escape (bloody beetroots remix)

bonus: the bloody beetroots - she's a maniac


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The one(s) and only in Italy!

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bloody fuckin dope!

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Sacre Bleu