Wednesday, July 11, 2007


cfcf is mike silver from montreal, canada. ever since i have heard his official remix contest winning version of 'air war' by crystal castles (check their latest release over at bigstereo), i have been trying to get ahold of some of his original tracks and here we finally go. influenced by daft punk, alan braxe, fleetwood mac, todd rundgren and the nintendo entertainment system, cfcf gives you analog vintage synth video game soundtrack music with a french house twist!

as this might be hard to imagine, listen to the tracks already. while 'sogni rossi' is a bit of a dark disco tune that could as well have been on the recently issued after dark compilation on italians do it better records, 'claudio' is a tribute to horror soundtrack legend claudio simonetti of goblin and 'the explorers' is just the best lighthearted song ever!

cfcf - sogni rossi
cfcf - claudio
cfcf - the explorers

be on the lookout for his upcoming remixes for apache beat and the noise band health (more on them on the fabulous bibabidi) and many more original tunes.


seandonson said...

Great songs. Claudio is pretty much a full cover of Vivien Vee's "Higher".

Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer said...

It sounds like he is using an FM midi synth so it can't be called Chiptune but it's close. Either way this is some pretty awesome 8bit inspired shit. I definitely heard some Castlevania in Claudio.


So perfect, The Explorers is a masterpiece ... Fantastic Music

Anonymous said...

I really like CFCF a lot, I'm glad to see that he's getting recognized. CFCF is definately underrated and has long been deserved of some positive attention. Hopefully other artists will support him through his remixes which are great as well.

Anonymous said...

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