Tuesday, July 24, 2007


cassidy demarco also known as gouseion perfectly blends stomping distorted drums and chunky synths with a melancholic 8-bit electronica vibe, leaving us with 'puisne', one of the most interesting albums i have heard in a while, recently released on run riot records. an absolute must-have are the three gouseion mixtapes where he mixes r&b divas and thugged out vocals with his trademark sound. asked for influences, he named mega man sound designers yuukichan's papa, matt rowe, yasutaka nakata, com.a, oku hanako, the matrix, hello! project, ove-naxx and dat politics (yeah, finally a band that i have already heard of).

in order to get all of you excited as well: most of the time, gouseion made me think of modeselektor on crack. check out his latest remix, an exclusive first on discodust:

gouseion - with love remix

also make sure to check this out:

gouseion - u & me remix

and as mentioned before, you must not miss his mixtapes:

gouseion - mixtape volume i
gouseion - mixtape volume ii
gouseion - mixtape volume iii

gouseion - puisne purchase links


Herr Schmitz said...

wow. das ist mal richtig schön käsepoppig. wunderbar.

Herr Schmitz said...

and i've been thinking bout that crack thing. i just don't get the picture when i listen to teses remixes. i think it's too playful and cheesy for crack. though some of the effects seem quite druggy. ;)

Herr Schmitz said...

got the opportunity to listen to the whole album. now i know what you were talkin' bout.

Anonymous said...

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