Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the bloody beetroots.

italy's most productive powerhouse is back again. those bloody beetroots will most likely never stop and you always get the feeling that their crusade of destruction has only just begun. as (almost) always, discodust is the best place to come to for brandnew beetroots bangers and this time we've got three brandnew remixes for you, destroying timbaland, the hives and public enemy. the 'miscommunication' remix is currently on heavy rotation wherever mstrkrft go, according to a comment on the beetroots' myspace jfk had it on loop on his hotel room for three hours, so you definitely don't want to miss any of these:

timbaland - throw it on me (the bloody beetroots remix)
(zshare backup link)

timbaland - miscommunication (the bloody beetroots remix)
(zshare backup link)

the bloody beetroots - public enemy
(zshare backup link)


Anonymous said...


rhys isteric said...

Timbaland again? Oh, it's only another absolute banger!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

YESSSSS! I fking LURVE Bloody Beetroots!

Anonymous said...

these guys are gonna rip it up when they come to australia, cannot wait

Herr Schmitz said...

some scenesters do pop... sometimes it's real magic. nice one!

Ali said...

The Bloody Beetroots are really a bloody good shit.
Particulary to Timbaland's Miscommunication that make me bancin'.
I'm like Ronnie McDonald yet : i'm lovin' it.

Ali from J'ai la Cassette à la Maison.

Rocco Rampino said...


Anonymous said...

absolutely fantastic stuff! thanks for the introduction!

Anonymous said...

this stuff is amazing!!!