Saturday, November 17, 2007


time for some more distortion, dramatic build-ups and nonstop banging. whitenoise is an upcoming producer from australia and has been on top of my post wish list ever since i first heard his remix for bag raiders months ago, unfortunately the labels he worked with didn't want to give any of his tracks out by the numerous times i asked for them.

earlier this week his remix of 'oh i like' by like woah showed up my friends over at discobelle, kudos martin for once again being one step ahead. just in case you missed it, grab it right here:

like woah - oh i like (whitenoise remix)

and while it has also been on the blogs before, here is a killer original track by whitenoise, that you probably have not heard yet either:

whitenoise - it's what we do

whitenoise is currently finishing off a remix for moving units, keep an eye on that and also watch out for the official release of his outstanding remix for bag raiders.

UPDATE: just in via my friends over at iheartcomix is some more material related to like woah. here is another remix of 'oh i like' by my favorite australian knightlife:

like woah - oh i like (knightlife remix)


Anonymous said...

the oh I like remix is BANGING!

Ross Paxman said...

This shit rules... love that final buildup with the BOOM into the end.

Bag Raiders remix is even better (despite sounding very similar to waters of nazareth)

Anonymous said...

Cheers Aleks!

Anonymous said...

lovin its what we do.

Anonymous said...

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