Wednesday, December 19, 2007

hot pink delorean.

sorry for the downtime, we are back from the grave with more from hot pink delorean from boston who obviously just can't stop killing it. after we brought you three of their tracks only a few weeks ago, they have got two more originals ready that will tear up dancefloors all over. thanks to the guys for holding these tracks back for us even though they have got dozens of requests to hand them out, so we can post them exclusive.

'freak night' is a real dark grimey banger laced with rather soulful vocals and old school breaks while 'aeroplane' is a fast-paced uplifting tune with sweet vocoders and an addictive synth hook, i am sure you will love both and will know when the time is right to drop either of them in your sets. get them right here on discodust:

hot pink delorean & knowlton walsh - freak night
hot pink delorean - aeroplane
hot pink delorean - aeroplane (130 bpm version)

hot pink delorean have a lot more in the works and are still looking for label and remix offers, so you label people out there better hurry up. watch out for more from them on discodust soon!


Anonymous said...

It's good to see you back.

Unknown said...

Not only are you back, but with Hot Pink Delorian, too! Hell Yes.

Anonymous said...

How do they keep getting better? Its just not fair!

robmaeder said...

Glad to see you didn't quit!

Miker said...

Excellent new songs, the first ones you posted were better!

We just posted a new interview and unreleased material from cryptonites

Anonymous said...

^^^^ I see a hater! ^^^^

Dont be jealous. Work hard and one day maybe you can make great music as well. :P

Anonymous said...

is this the same hot pink delorean that left me a m4m missed connection? if so, write me back

Hot Pink Delorean said... do I know if I left you a missed m4m connection, if your post is anonymous. :P

Hit up our myspace!


Anonymous said...

this reminds me of the early 2000's when together came out with "so much love to give", which was awesome, and then a billion copycat professional producers came along to jack the sound.
in every track, these guys find new ways to capitalize on the electro sound of 2006. if i hear one more unoriginal idea from them i may explode.
they literally sound like a bunch of 40-something producers for a major record label who noticed "blog house" about 12 months to late and tried to make a quick buck by emulating every cliche.
i mean i'm not saying they're untalented. they're great technical producers. but it's a total waste of talent because they don't push the envelope AT ALL. call them the eric prydz of 2007.
calling themselves "hot pink delorean" was *ahem* "played out" before they even registered their myspace page. do they really expect a long and fruitful career?
too bad, the worst part of being a fan of dance music. periods of static inactivity with no innovation whatsoever.
oh also, the vocals in "aeroplane" make me want to throw up straight exorcist style.

Anonymous said...

lol some people take this a bit too seriously I think...this may just be my opinion but from what I've gathered about these guys they dont seem to be taking themselves too seriously....some might want to consider just enjoying it and having some fun instead of annalyizing everything like its foreign policy....and as for their name I think its hilarious :)

Anonymous said...

Serious Business.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad you don't know how to have fun with dance music.

way to take youself too seriously.

on a side note:
I <3 Hot Pink Delorean!!!! i'm so happy to get their tunes here, and I can't wait for more remixes!


Anonymous said...

Dude to an overwhelming response of comments by Anonymous, HPD has decided to _______________!

Hot Pink Delorean said...

Wow you really think we could sell as many records as Eric Prydz and that we sound like major label producers?

That is SOOOO awesome! :) We really appreciate all the complements.

Also, we are doing this to have fun....the only motivation is some good music and laughs along the way. Negativity doesn't exist in the future we come from. :P

We <3 all of you and especially Discodust!

Anonymous said...

Dude to an overwhelming response of comments by Anonymous, HPD has decided to __give x's and o's__!

KNOWLTRON 2020 said...

this is so funny that someone could write so much about those tracks. this was the first time i worked with someone and decided to try to make the most rediculously funny thing i could and it came out well. the important thing to remember is that we are mainly having fun, not trying to make a statement. we leave that to our good pal toby keith ;)

Anonymous said...

have you listen to this :

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

anonymous: the leslie + teki track rules. eurodance is back, eh? got a high-quality version for me? (by mail?)

dekapa said...

I love hot pink delorean ;D

Anonymous said...

"HPD fans are also the sexiest men & women in the universe and fuck like porn stars."
/ HPD myspace.

Anonymous said...

So now i know the reason why my old GF liked my so much.

Anonymous said...

freak night owns the dancefloor hands down!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Hot Pink DeLorean rocks my socks off. I have to say though, PLayed Out is still their best tune.

to bad all these idiots cant just enjoy the music and feel so threatened they actually feel the need to take the time to write hateful comments.

Its amazing what happens when someone who actually knows how to engineer and write music makes electro. Hopefully other good producers follow HPD's lead and come over to this genre.

Mike said...

Thanks for the wicked music tip!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

freak night blew me away - just brilliant