Tuesday, July 08, 2008

young monday.

as my flatmate uses to say: 'disco is over'. well, how could one be so wrong, as none of the hipster new rave stuff she and the rest of the wasted german youth likes so much delivers stories as this one: ian lanterman, a canadian whose name is taken from a 70s japanese porn magazine sits in his apartment making music that reminds one of bath robes and cheap aftershave, inspired by b-movies as "rolf, the last mercenary" or the soundtrack of "les 7 jours de janvier", a film written by javier bardem's uncle, juan antonio.

young monday - prls

to get back to the point nowadays disco is heavily fueled with citations that deliver something more valuable than neon glowsticks and stone-washed jeans. this is wimbledon. and that's exactly what young monday's tracks are: tight shorts and sweaty men with headbands. mark my words, this is as good as sexy vintage underwear. so, if any of the above mentioned caught your interest, check out young monday's tracks.

young monday - sat by the c

for more information check his myspace and show some good old fashioned loving.


Anonymous said...

I know this guy! nice work discodust.

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Ouahhh !!!
I love it !!!

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