Tuesday, September 23, 2008


for some reason i have never given 80kidz a fair chance before. maybe because their name reminds me of one of the worst places on the internet or because i think writing words with 'z' instead of 's' is quite uncool in general, but that's probably why some people tend to think i am a superficial, arrogant elitist bastard. anyway, the 'kidz' are from japan and have already scored official remixes for autokratz and the raveonettes, so i had a feeling that i've got to check them out once more!

they hooked me up with the title track of their current ep 'life begins at eighty' (all details on their myspace) and although i wanted to keep the distortion amount low on discodust lately, i can't resist this time. sure, this is heavily inspired by justice, mstrkrft and you know all their names anyway. but this track is just so banging, uplifting, funky and musical all at once that i had to post it. and even if it's just for old times' sake - i don't see why i shouldn't like this just because they came a bit late to the game - at least they are not releasing a track called 'summertime' although it's already freezing cold out there, right? play this fucking loud!

80kidz - life begins at eighty

keep an eye on 80kidz and i've got a feeling there's a lot more good music on the rise in japan.


tuftsmania said...

lol @ 'worst place on the internet'

Anonymous said...

haha, entertaining post, but good to see 80kidz up here have always liked their stuff

Unknown said...

I've been on 80kidz since ALT A. I missed a concert of theirs only for the fact that I just arrived in Tokyo jet lagged and they were playing at 3:00 AM. Honestly, it's about goddddam time you blogged them because they're a group worth blogging about.

If memory serves, you didn't post their knockout remix a la The Shoes, which is certainly a sad day. BUT! It is a better day when my favorite blog (urz) blogs about my favorite little japanese hipsters, so all is well.

Anonymous said...

post some astrolabe

T-Atoms said...

I just saw 80kidz 2 weeks ago in Nagoya. I got to chat em up a bit before I see them on their big night, Ganban Night!

I am working with one of their friends Chaki from Lowbrows (look them up on MySpace) on a song now. He provides the music and I am doing the vocals.

You will hear it soon!

God I love living in Japan!

Gotta x2 the Astrolabe love.

Anonymous said...

hey aleks!

danke für den post ;)


Anonymous said...

how comes japan has got like 127 million purported futuristic people and only has made about 5 crappy techno songs between all of 'em? rayflash is good, i'll give u that.

Anonymous said...

japs ain't got a natural groove that's why.

Anonymous said...

i guess its still that white people notion that all things japanese are cool that excuses the fact that japanese music is highly unpalatable for most western tastes.

Anonymous said...

no no no keep the distortion coming