Saturday, September 20, 2008

cut copy + run hide survive.

now for something new from one of the biggest names in this game we're playing, australian disco saviors cut copy (pictured above) come through again with an epic remix for uk indie rockers kaiser chiefs. yeah i know what you think, they aren't really one of my favorite bands either. but at least the guys or their label have excellent choice in remixers. after yuksek, cut copy sprinkle some of their cosmic magic on 'never miss a beat' and this is definitely one of the biggest remixes of the year.

cut copy provide a driving percussion-heavy rhythm with that always so irresistable disco hihat on the off-beat, a deep classic dance bassline, lots of blurred bleeps and filter sweeps and the ultimate climax is the classic house piano dropping in after two thirds of the track. this whole new context makes the vocals sound all eighties new wave, guaranteed to make all your prejudices against the kaiser chiefs go away. in short, this sounds very dfa and is nothing but epic. enjoy another discodust first in 320 kbps!

kaiser chiefs - never miss a beat (cut copy remix)

if you prefer it a bit harder, we've got this covered as well. our friends over at put the needle on the record unearthed another top notch 'never miss a beat' remix, done by sheffield-based dj and production duo run hide survive which is just as epic and reminds me of soulwax. 'fucking a' banger!

kaiser chiefs - never miss a beat (run hide survive remix)

kaiser chiefs definitely deserve some myspace love for these selections. and needless to say that you'll have to add run hide survive and cut copy as well!


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Louis Louis said...

The Sheffield scene is buzzin' right now :) down to Run Hide Survive and the night that one of them run, Club Pony. Glad you featured them!


Unknown said...

no you are mistaken kaiser chiefs are one of my favorite bands.

Anonymous said...

run hide survive mix is pure gold. love it.

Anonymous said...

out of all the recent cut copy remixes posted on discodust this one is probably my least favorite, however that is not to say i do not enjoy it! I do love when the piano comes in

Anonymous said...

who is run hide survive?
great sounds