Monday, September 15, 2008

electric youth.

'the next generation; it's electric.' - okay, tell me i'm not the only one who remembers that debbie gibson song. it's entirely possible that electric youth could have taken their name from that song, or maybe my cheesy fantasies are over taking again.

every bit contagiously cheery, austin and browyn, aka electric youth, started off as middle school sweethearts (high school sweethearts is so passé) and nine years later have gone from puppy love to synthesized lust. and the creative comfort level between this 80's synth-pop power duo is unmistakable.

browyn's seductive vocals mixed with austin's brilliant production (take 'replay' where the breakdown comes after the bridge) these kids really have it down and amazingly are still unsigned. a cover can be just an obvious update of the same song, and whether that song is good or bad is irrelevant; it's the same tired song. don't believe the hype. when a band actually knows what they're doing like electric youth does, a cover has the possibility of becoming an artistic interpretation. and then comes the real art, to reassemble the sounds in such a way as to inspire a new audience while keeping the integrity and, in 'faces' case, celebrating that gorgeous 80's italo sound.

check out these amazing demos from electric youth and a remix by valerie's very own minitel rose who have already recognized their greatness!

electric youth - faces 08 (demo)
electric youth - replay (demo)
electric youth - replay (minitel rose remix)

and for god's sake give these adorable canadians some myspace love!


Vaughn Sexual said...


Anonymous said...

great stuff

Anonymous said...

Amazing, really. The synth work and chords are fantastic. Check out "Perspectives" on their Myspace page, it's crazy.
The Mintel Rose rmx though... not so good.

andres said...

really like faces. cant say that about replay. its like ymo plus kick plus song. its not even a cover. the ymo original is awesome tho.

andres said...

ahh.. just looked for technopolis video on youtube. did not remember how awesome the video was aswell.

andres said...

dont get me wrong tho. electric youth is fxxking kick-ass!

Anonymous said...

Jesus, I didn't even know the YMO original. Shame on me...
Oh well, the synths were a bit TOO awesome not to be sampled.