Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the martin brothers remixed.

(photo by the amazing san fran photographer merkley)

christian and justin martin (the martin brothers) and dirty bird records decided to have a remix contest. i'm not usually too keen on those cause everyone under the moon gets the parts and gets to run wild with them like chickens with their heads cut off. but i guess when its not posted on all the major blogs and has strict professional judgement criteria (tightness, sound quality, releasability and original use of samples) then you get a better quality result.

fellow blogger and dj member of a quite prestigious familylazaro casanova, and miami musicmaker jay-you take a well-aimed stab at the track. i won't dare use the words 'tribal' or 'jungle' due to the negative connotations with old rave music, but i love love love the way that the elephant trumpeting bleeds in and out of actual trumpets layered over the drums and percussion. they throw in some feel-good 'almost-elevator-music' on top of it all, but somehow make it work..

the martin brothers - dum (casanova & jay-you animales remix)

and i can't believe that this submission from norrit came straight out of lawrence, kansas (audion you better watch your back!!!). he chopped up and crumbled some filtered female vocals over the bubbly instrumentals and shotguns.

the martin brothers - dum (norrit's shotgun remix)

i'm a bit sad that neither of these won (check the winners and decide for yourself), but now at least we have two great remixes to give away for free!


johnnnytk said...

you have no idea how many times i check this blog for new music updates. hahaha

iggy said...


Taylor Morris said...

that casanova and jay remix is aaaaace, how's it not the winner?

Anonymous said...

i object to the negative connotation regarding "old rave" music. WHEN DID THIS DISREGARD FOR THE HISTORY OF THIS MUSIC BECOME CHIC?

its sad. why do you think so many of these "new" versions of "old" tunes are so popular with crowds?

Miss Toats said...

i'm sure those influences will come back around full circle, but i feel like for the majority of music listeners those are somewhat 'dirty' words....like trance.

its just like how i thought that fashion from the early 90's would never come back around....but here it is, duane wayne hats and all.

Digital My Ass said...

the original was definitely a must and was spinning on heavy rotation in my sets. are these tracks out on vinyl yet?

sh3pppppppa said...

norrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrit is the shiz-net! ;0)
go midwestttttttt!