Wednesday, December 03, 2008

anoraak remixes.

it's been a good year for anoraak. after getting a lot of features all over the blogs, he put out his first mini-album (buy it here) and now more and more well-known artists are hitting him up for remixes. his two latest remixes are for metronomy and junkie xl and are both flavoured with everything we love about anoraak.

as far as 'mad pursuit' by junkie xl goes, he even made two versions dubbed 'mad (night) pursuit' and 'mad (rad) pursuit', pick your favorite, i think the 'night' one is my pick but the 'rad' version has never been blogged before, so make sure to check it out too!

junkie xl - mad (night) pursuit (anoraak remix)
junkie xl - mad (rad) pursuit (anoraak remix)

'heartbreaker' by metronomy has been on the blogs so many times by now but in case you haven't heard anoraak's take on it yet, you definitely don't want to miss this.

metronomy - heartbreaker (anoraak remix)

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Kalen said...

RAWR! Thanks a ton. I was in love with the night version - now i get to fall in love all over again with the rad remix. Anoraak/valerie = invincible!

johnnnytk said...

night is so much better.
rad is cool but it doesn't compare.

Borooney said...

Re-inventing the best decade ever(the 80's)I love both! Night a bit more. Thanks for helping me discover Anoraak.