Monday, December 29, 2008


**warning: this post contains more techno music!** i'm always amused by the realization of the amazing and refreshing things you can discover when you take the time to scratch below the surface. for the past few years, los angeles has been saturated by the wave of electro-blog music and has hosted some great parties and events thanks to the promoters like iheartcomix's franki chan and dimmak's steve aoki who have helped expose acts like justice and mstrkrft.

and while this movement has been well-publicized, there has also been another musical movement finding its home in various warehouses and renegade locations. droidbehavior are a major player behind this underground electronic music shift and have been one of the very few to avoid police intervention, that was even caused beatportal to point its literary finger their direction noting their significance in helping los angeles claim the american dance crown. they just celebrated their sixth year of throwing parties that debuted artists such as jimmy edgar, modeselektor, matthew dear, alexander robotnick, etc. to the la underground.

the first part of droidbehavior are vidal and vangelis vargas; brothers who produce and perform under the name acid circus. their half live pa half digital mixing setup consists of 2 laptops that switch back and forth between original and borrowed loops, trax, efex, via traktor and ableton.

acid circus - uncle jak

the other droid player is moe espinosa aka drumcell. seeing as how the states' dj booths are predominantly operated via serato, there has been lots of skepticism about computer based programs like traktor, ableton and torque. drumcell pretty much maximizes all his resources as he juggles all four allen n heath xone 3d channels icing them with effects throughout.

dustin zahn - analog (drumcell & audio injection remix)

so between the parties that bring in note-worthy talent, innovative productions and droidbehavior music label showcasing the music they believe in, the droid boys keep themselves busy while the rest of los angeles gets to reap the benefits!

don't believe me? peep the videos!


myke said...

Yes, yes, yes. I saw Acid Circus at an all-nighter over the summer and they singlehandedly justified standing around in a 3/4-empty warehouse space for five hours. Big ups!

akbar said...

Droid behavior crew throws down serious beats repeatedly. from La to santo domingo, these DROID'ers have killed the music scene with amazing techno, house, and minimal

cjbxz said...


Droid Behavior parties are THE SHIT. I'm from LA and as far as Los Angeles throwing down things that are fresh and genuine, the Droid Behavior are where it's at.

Great post discodust. Great post. You're on top of things.

cjbxz said...
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Anonymous said...


"just wait untill you can say that"

That phrase is so Techno :-)

fjg said...

Can't be said enough... DROID has been doing an awesome job of building a mainline of techno into and out of the city. cutting edge music and visuals and the BEST parties!!!

jeff s said...

droid does it proper. every single time. if you dont know by now, you are straight missing out! their imprint in the underground is already legendary and only gets better.

Thorp said...

Yeah, I used to rock out with the droid crew way back in 98. They were fresh then, I need to check a droid show to get my techno fix.

imaaudioslave said...

I remember Acid Circus at birth when their friend Chile and I would go to their house and hear them making beats. Glad to see them getting big

christina said...

To: Droid & Deeper Moods: New Years Eve 2009:

(Sick As FUCK.)

no ego-fakin.
good thuggin.

What next, bro...?!
Raising the bar, once again...

thx for everything.


ConeCatNation said...

I have a huge crush on Droidbehavior....