Tuesday, December 02, 2008

drop the lime interview.

this week drop the lime got dropped in my interview hotseat. things have been developing exponentially for him so i had to snag a few minutes of his time to catch up. thankfully, nothing was off limits so we got to talk about his hair product usage, the correct way to eat spaghetti and we even got some 'reader' questions to throw at him.

so tell me about your trip from germany that you just got back from.

germany was crazy... the vice live tour with miss odd kid, purple crush and drums of death.

i've always wondered about your 'heavy bass champion' title. is that self-dubbed or did you really earn that title in a proper competition?

i credit that to mary anne hobbs. she said that to me one time and it stuck. according to tayo from cool n deadly at fabric, we had a competition the second time i played there. he had won the belt previously. when he came back to nyc i reclaimed it in my own city. therefore i'm the reigning heavy bass champion of new york.

dont you find it funny how small the music world is? who do you find yourself running into all the time?

switch. i run into sinden alot (here tonite). i have to say switch is a very common one, though.

a very entertaining one. everyone has a crazy switch story. what's yours?

(don't forget to check his mix after the jump)

in new york i turned him onto sparks. he'd never had it before. its about 4 am in a bodega in the lower east side. many sparks later we're on the streets pounding two sparks at a time. while managing both cans he has his passport, wads of pounds, dollar bills just pounding the sparks drinking like the champ that he is. later on he ended up pantsing me and surkin. very memorable.

speaking of surkin and the whole institubes affiliation, are you done with your releases on our favorite french label?

i still have one release left. it's coming out as 'curses' and is called 'the deep end'. i'm focusing more on drop the lime now that i have a live band for that. i have guy licata (drummer for hercules and love affair) and nick hook (men women and children). we're going to debut at coachella. but it's going to be very electronic. we're going to cover dubstep tunes and freestyle it into actual songs from the album.

how is curses different from drop the lime then?

its not, haha. it's just signed to a french label.

well, i have a bunch of questions sent in from some discodust readers. the first one is from linus out of ottowa canada.

oh linus 'booth' (jokers of the scene)? slept in my bed and left crumbs in it.

he wants to know if you are slowly turning into a vampire?

pfft, yeah. i've been a vampire for years. what kind of question is that? he needs to turn into a vampire.

ok, next one comes all the way from greg in los angeles (acid girls).

haha the one who's playing right now?

he wants to know if it's true that you have a song about a unicorn?

umm, no. i don't think so. do i? ya, that's false. where did he hear that from? i'd love to write a song about a unicorn.

ok, well the next one was sent air express mail from teki latex in paris, france. he wants to know if it's ok to cut spaghetti?

hahahaha, i gave him shit for that. he took me out to a fancy restaurant in paris. he ordered spaghetti and was cutting it and scooping it up with a spoon. he's closer to italy than any of us. he should know. eat it with no spoon and don't cut it.

so just twirl, twirl, twirl?

twirl, twirl, scoop, slurp... swallow. sip with some wine. don't put cheese on your seafood pasta. cheese and fish non va.

the next one comes from just south of paris in orleans, france. francois arot aka pharrell from the fluokids wants to know if you had to choose, would you rather have paper teeth or fingers made out of wood?

pfft, obviously fingers made out of wood.

well no if you had paper teeth you could just put dentures in and problem solved. i don't know. it's a french question, it doesn't make any sense.

fingers made out of wood because i could 'clankitty clankitty clank'.

but can you dj with wood fingers?

can i eat pasta with paper teeth?

sure, you can just suck it up.

shoot! ya you're making me realize... ya you know what. you know what? i'm gonna go back... rewind... paper teeth. dentures are a go!

ok, the next one comes from dj skeet skeet who is currently dj'ing in toronto, canada. how much hair product do you use in one sitting for your iconic hair-do? you can answer in ounces or gobs, whichever you prefer.

it's a combination of hot water and the perfect black and white pomade. i'd say the dollop the size of two quarters. splash it in, run it through and you're done.

ok so 50 cents of product.

[greg from acid girls walks in the room.]

hey pink shirt, did i make a song about unicorns?

greg: no, i just made that up.

damnit, why are you tricking me? i thought i lied!

next reader question comes from about 5 miles away from mr. johnny 'guns' love from guns n bombs. he wants to know how much you love the pope?

tropo puro. siempre.

can you tell me the story behind your gold tooth? is it some crazy story like you got into a fight with a marine or you walked into a glass door?

no, i fell off of a skateboard when i was 14. it's not an exciting story at all. it took four years for it to die, so i decided to go gold when i was 18. i'm going to get rid of it very soon.

let's talk about new york because i know you love it so much. seems like new york sticks together and works on a lot of projects in and amongst itself.

they're a big musical mafia. alex from holy ghost! remixed my next curses! release on institubes called 'off the deep end'. it's called the 'day school reunion' remix because we went to day school together.

and your junior high performing arts school was sortof like a mini mickey mouse club, right?

yes, alicia keys and britney spears went there. i was in the gospel choir with alicia keys.

is there any reason why you're spreading your releases over so many different labels (tigerbeat 6, trouble & bass, institubes, mad decent, etc)?

i just think it's important not to limit yourself. you should put your music all across the board so it reaches different audiences and different markets. i base it on what other releases the label has put out. specifically for mad decent, i went with them because we were mutually interested in each other and i love what they did with blaqstarr, bonde do role. institubes made sense with para one and surkin.

well you made leaps and bounds in this last year. and it looks like this next year is going to be more of the same. besides performing live at coachella what else do you have planned?

i have a full length album that is my interpretation of pop music. where i came from was so opposite of pop (disaster punk, noise, breakcore, etc.) so i'm just going from the roots down. i'm bringing that sound with me and headed for the radio. i want to inspire kids who want to make music and hear something that's fresh and exciting as opposed to easy listening top 40 pop. if i hear one more autotuned vocal i'm going to throw up. what's fucked up is that you could hear prodigy and nirvana on the radio 10 years ago. now it's not happening. it's fast-food music inspired by the next single. they're not inspired by classic music, they just keep sampling themselves.

do you see much hope for a revival in music in the states?

with so many international producers and dj's coming through and pushing their sound, it's an incredible time. we're coming back. europe/uk is an electronic culture and we're more of a rock 'n roll culture, but we're beginning to incorporate more of that into our music. honestly, i think that having obama as our president is going to have such a positive effect in so many areas in so many different ways. people are going to be happier about life and our culture instead of hating on it. that will manifest itself through creative outlets, like music.

can you tell me where all the witches in the room are?

i think we're ok. that lamp is a little bad. these curtains were a little creepy too.

drop the lime - war is in the bass (mix)


hot city - yeah!
natty jack - jackin garage (heavyfeet remix)
nadastrom - ritalin
act yo age - la fumo loco
rennie pilgrem - drumma (zodiac cartel remix)
drop the lime - hear me (ac slater remix)
guns n' bombs - riddle of steel
dz - down (bombaman remix)
ace the space - 9 is a classic
hannah holland feat. mama shamone - shake it up (the reshake)
the house rockers - everybody do it
mikix the cat - check dis out
the count and sinden - hardcore girls (acapella)
new order - confusion
piddy py - prickly rose
riz kid - big money (acapella)
the american dream team - murder music
diplo - must be a devil
blatta & inesha - revolution
dan le sac & scroobius pib - thou shalt always kill (drop the lime remix)
hot chip - hold on (switch la remix)
little jinder - polyhedron (supra1 remix)
supremes - stoned love (acapella)
black sabbath - electric funeral
tc - wheres my money (caspa remix)


Anonymous said...

i like how quickly this went from an interview to toats showing us how many names she can drop.

cheers to social climbers!

Miss Toats said...

ummmm i simply asked some of his friends to make up a question for him for the interview. how is that dropping names? the music world is pretty small and eventually everyone knows everyone. its not social climbing, its just the way it is.

cheers to ignorant haters!

Anonymous said...

chris, mad ignorant comment ha. great interview with great interviewers and you complain. just enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

toats wants to be popular real bad

Anonymous said...

jeevus guys...

getting smart, talented, sexy gals like miss toats involved in the male-dominated electronic music scene is exactly what we need, gentlemen!

as margaret mead said, "If we are to achieve a richer culture, rich in contrasting values, we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities, and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric, one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place."


Miss Toats said...

thanks sam. :)

i guess this is an issue because i didnt clarify that the questions were from friends of luca's so it was my attempt at having some fun with normally redundant interviews and a few inside jokes.

haters are gonna hate, so whatever. when you put yourself out there you're always up for scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

it was a good interview, haters be hatin'

aleks said...

got a lot of incoming links to this post from a dubstep forum by the way, so the people who actually are into the BASS dig the interview.

ridiculous haters :).

Anonymous said...

On Discodust (and elsewhere) these days, it seems that mild disagreement or merely stating a qualified opinion equals 'hating'.

Some people in the electro-blog world are desperately insecure.

aleks said...

jimmy silver: where do you see qualified opinions around here?

serious well-articulated criticism is cool but 'lol this suxx, gimme bangerz' is just pointless.

Miss Toats said...

ok johnny thats the last time i'm going to be a good roommate and wash your sheets after you wet the bed if thats the thanks i get....

Anonymous said...

johnny stole the beat off a delta 9 track, slowed it down, and re-packaged it as his own so let's just call it even : c )

Miss Toats said...

haha cause no one has EVER sampled before...

Often "samples" consist of one part of a song, such as a break, used in another, for instance the use of the drum introduction from Led Zeppelin's "When the Levee Breaks" in songs by the Beastie Boys, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Mike Oldfield, Rob Dougan, Depeche Mode and Erasure, and the guitar riffs from Foreigner's "Hot Blooded" in Tone-Loc's "Funky Cold Medina".

Anonymous said...

blog sites need to stop putting sample loop arrangers on such a pedestal.real producers can do a hell of a lot more than just that so its safe to say these bloggers dont really know shit about the music they push. its all miss toats fault!

Anonymous said...

there are a shitload of lies in this interview