Monday, December 29, 2008

joe and will ask.

joe and will ask, we love you!! they're always so generous and send over chunks of music at a time. this post is no exception.

let's kick things off with a techy rework of italian mega dj mario piu. it's got a grindin bassline and a few adrenaline-rushing buildups that are sure to get some major play on some ginormous soundsystems.

mario piu - communication (joe and will ask remix)

now in the last joe and will ask post here i posted their '11 pm' remix of this mystery jets song that references the appropriate hour to drop it in a dj set. well they decided to mix up another version that's perfect for about 3 am when everyone is good and warmed up ready to be propelled into the wee hours of the morning.

mystery jets - half in love with elizabeth (joe and will ask 3am remix)

the guys slow it down a bit with this remix of new parisian indie boys revolver. they flex their musical diversity a bit on this one as they dispay their slower electronic skills a la royksopp. i suppose it fits the title of 'calm down', right?

revolver - calm down (joe and will ask remix)


Anhydrous Pharmaceutical Lactose said...

aw yeah

Anonymous said...

These guys can do no wrong

Anonymous said...

Nice outfits?!?!

84/85 said...

these doods are tops, thanks

Russ Tannen said...

amazing, more joe and will posts in 2009 please