Friday, December 19, 2008

the phantoms revenge.

the phantoms revenge has emerged from the darkness bestowed a bunch of new tracks for our listening pleasure...should be fun for those of you who love hunting down all the original tracks that he samples. game on!

ohhh, what an earful of disco deliciousness. haha you cant beat the 'airy wind' buildup.

the phantom's revenge - saturated phat impact

this one's a bit more mellow on the editing and lets the dreamy guitars do most of the work.

pierce - miss your tape (the phantom's revenge remix)

this one starts off in his typical style of chop, chop, chop and then develops into a mr. oizo-style track complete with french vocal sample. is he referring to this apollo creed aka the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world from the film rocky?

the phantom's revenge - 3 minutes with apollo creed

so in addition to crate digging for more disco jems to revive, he has just released his 'late' ep on discotexas records! you can snag it at, you know where, beatport!


Kivetros said...

Awesome, thanks for sharing. Everything that The Phantom's Revenge touches turns to gold.


Vladimir said...

really ill stuff. but he needs to lay off the sidechaining just a tad on that first track imo...too much empty space. but yea sickness not sure of the sample.

Anonymous said...

crazy stuffs !!!!!!! now i have to find the sample

DB // StanceProject said...


hercules said...

wow! i never heard of phantom's revenge bevore!

but all four tracks really hyped me!

i'll search for the samples too!

hercules said...

sorry i meant: "BEFORE"

Anhydrous Pharmaceutical Lactose said...

Uhm, you linked to the wrong Mr. Oizo :p

Anonymous said...

Alle 3 tracks allererste Sahne

Knight Stealth said...

It's really about time I thanked all of the folks at Discodust for the great tunes they regularly post. That said...THANK YOU! :-) I don't often read other peoples' posts while perusing my favorite music blogs, so forgive me if this is something that has been said before, but one of my favorite things about Discodust is the simple fact that you guys bother to post song with a proper labeling format (i.e. artist - title). While I'm certainly thankful for any bloggers' gracious posts, it's just refreshing not to have to rename anything as I download new shit. The sick graphic design doesn't hurt either. Have a great '09 people!

Knight Stealth said...

And oh yeah, The Phantom's Revenge is where it's at. If you read this, please come to Chicago!!!! Word.

Dylan said...
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Dylan said...

WHY IS THIS ALL SO GOOD???!!!!! I missed you The Phantom's Revenge and would pay good money for you to come to Portland
-Portland Playground

p.s. we love you discodust