Tuesday, December 09, 2008


this/is are a new production duo from sydney and they've already got love and lots of plays from the likes of teenage bad girl, les petits pilous, the bloody beetroots and d.i.m.! so if that isn't enough already, it seems it's my turn to convince you of their greatness.

in fact, this/is are so good that i have bugged them numerous times to hand over their floorfiller 'w.h.s.l. (what happiness sounds like)' and now i finally succeeded! while i haven't been posting much on the more banging and driving side of things recently, mainly because i wasn't excited about anything, i wanted that track by this/is so bad because it's easily one of the best electro tracks i've heard in months! vaguely reminding me of the best days of dada life, 'w.h.s.l.' just seemed so much more energetic compared to everything i checked out recently, so there was no way i was not going to feature it on discodust! enjoy!

this/is - w.h.s.l. (what happiness sounds like)

besides this obvious winner, this/is also provided us with their banging remix for 'burn it out' by just a band which is going to be on the actual release and a minimix showing off their dj skills and passion for mixing.

just a band - burn it out (this/is remix)
this/is - minimix 101

show this/is some love on myspace and watch out for more from them, as i am sure they'll be huge in 2009!


Anonymous said...


Love your work guys!

much love,

eric djemba

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say happiness sounds like this. The second track rocks though !

Anonymous said...

Okay my comment got deleted, so ill be more constructive.

Is this style of music relevant? Is it even music? Slap some distortion on a synth, cut some vox and arrange in an irritating way, sidechain, compress to hell... dudes made a million bucks off it last year but surely its finally run its course?

A lot of producers could make this kind of music, there is a reason they dont.

aleks said...

anonymous: this track just works on the dancefloor. definitely.

what is relevant? like i am always saying, i am trying to keep a good balance between tracks that just work, innovative stuff, bedroom music and all.

why is it that someone who only wants one of those things always has to express their dislike?

i am not getting it. seriously, man. why are you even spending time on commenting on something you don't feel? just to get someone down?

Anonymous said...

if i could make songs like this i would..?

sounds like some early data,

the melodies alone on whsl are the most creative ive heard in a while..

yes there is distortion but a good balance id say, good to hear something sounding fresh for once!

and i dont know about the rest of you but i couldnt hear any "sidechaining" in either songs..? Anonymous just sounds like your regular ass hater..

keep it up!

Anonymous said...

If you create something you should be prepared for people to criticize it. Without that the world would be a really horrible place. If these guys get bummed because some commenter on a blog doesnt dig it, they should just pack it in now.

I guess tracks like this do have their place in a club context, but it would be naive to say this is the 'next big thing' or 'huge in 2k9'.

yeloTe2 said...

who is anonymous? what a hater. get a life... lol

Anonymous said...

i love these guys!
good to see discodust supporting!
cant wait to hear something new from them.
i love their sound and i dont understand why you would want to hate on them.

aleks said...

anonymous: so you already know what they're up to in 2k9, eh?

DaFtFuNk said...

crazy tracks!!!, finally some good music getting blogged again!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work guys.

Love it or hate it.

Surely something to watch out for in 2009.

thanks for the awesome tracks.


Anonymous said...

I love this/is!
f**k this "anonymous".
you're just jealous coz the only goal you can reach for, and achieve, is licking your own asshole.

best of luck to this/is for the future.
can't wait to hear new things.
defs heading to FAME!!!!

p.s who's the hottie on the left, in white?

Anonymous said...

Much Love to This/Is


Anonymous said...

the whole point of constructive criticism is to help them improve by possibly finding any areas they might need to work on in a supportive and positive manner.

your "critique" is completely undermined by the fact that you asked us "is it even music." or "relevant". (implying it wasn't)

The world would be a horrible place if writers, artists, musicians had to put up with your negativity all the time. Why not at least gear your critique towards supporting and helping them if you feel the need to express it? Don't pass it off as being "constructive" you clearly aren't.

Anonymous said...

awsome music THIS/Is!!! visit euorpe pleeeease!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice post! I like it!

Anonymous said...

10:87 luvs ur work boys!!! :)

Harrison said...

breakdown at 1:50 is the cool, rest of the song is alright

Anonymous said...

THIS/IS you guys rock!!

Anonymous said...

great write up, they deserve every bit of it...

these guys have got what it takes, great find!


Anonymous said...

This/is insanely great. So many sounds annihilating my brain at once, and it's fantastic.

Anonymous said...

wow so much hate and love for 2 newcomers!
I must admit, I am sick of seeing and hearing bedroom producers pop up everywhere who make such distorted sounds, with no real structure behind the music.

people like this are popping up all over sydney (only commenting on my own surroundings).

In recent times i have lost interest in these "bedroom producers", however THIS/IS rox, it is only the begining but i can sense a great future for these two guys

keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Really, really like this. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to hear some more from them.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know what the name of the last song that's in their minimix?

Anonymous said...

the last song is... ce jeu (pirate robot midget remix)

Anonymous said...

Keep it up boys :)

Anonymous said...

This/is rocks, definitely luv it!
Guess they must be effective on da dancefloor

Fuck haterZ!
Try to do betta n don't be anonymous if u wanna spit on sumone

Intergalactic Bastard