Wednesday, March 04, 2009


gazelle is the current project by xander ferreira from south africa. delivering a fresh mixture of sound, combining influences from funk, disco, eighties electropop and traditional african music, gazelle brings some well-needed breeze of fresh air to today's dancefloors. 'chic afrique' is the name of the recently released gazelle album and my favorite jam 'she did me' is a perfect disco track with lovely chords that remind me of true pearls from inner city and (gasp!) technotronic.

gazelle - she did me

promoters and bookers watch out as gazelle are currently planning a european tour and are still looking for a couple of gigs. head over to their myspace to hear some more!


Unknown said...

Hey.. I think your supercool bro... keep the vibe on !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I got their album I have to say its great I like 8/10 of the songs and I'm sure the other two will grow on me